Natural Disaster/Calamities

A natural disaster manifests itself in the shape of several natural hazards such as avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslide, floods, tsunamis, storms, blizzards, droughts etc. It is whether Uttarakhand Flood or Chennai Flood or Assam flood or disastrous Earthquake in Latur, Maharashtra. These calamities wreck unbearable destruction. Human vulnerability and lack of proper planning and disaster management practices compound the woes of people with grave implications in terms of the economic, humanitarian and environmental costs. When a natural disaster strikes, it wrecks unimaginable loss of lives on the Earth. It destroys everything in a moment. Despite tremendous scientific and technological advancements, we do not exactly know when and where a particular disaster will strike. It is a natural process and we cannot stop it. However, with some preparation, we can lessen its occurrence and reduce the magnitude of the loss of life and property post-disaster. For instance, global warming is the root of all the problems, efforts must be made to preserve and protect the environment to prevent climate change.